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(Genuine Integrity and Experience = Trusted Respect and Results)

Initial Impressions are lasting impressions. On meeting Di you are immediately engaged with a very special individual, one of much substance, obvious integrity, empathy and a very enquiring intelligent mind. A woman of trusted principle, genuine respect earned through decades of devoted hard work, delivered through uncompromised core values. Embracing a sincere honesty to firstly listen intently, analyse intelligently, then offer a considered opinion articulated with rare humility, embellished with an amazing grasp of the English language. Di Austin is one of those rare and very special individuals, who through her character and actions of being, ‘who she really is’, her work ethic and genuine sincerity, consistently delivered and enhanced through decades of knowledge and experience. Determination for a better, safer, healthier society, and the sincere genuine attitude she always displays, ensures that she enhances, rewards and improves the lives of so many people. When Di walks into a room, heads turn and conversation stops. Here is a woman with genuine presence, obvious class, earned respect, and an individual who through her years of knowledge working with such a diversity of respected successful business people one cannot help but be impressed with her sincere contribution, genuine interest and considered opinion she brings to any conversation on a diversity of worldly topics. Without question Di is a ‘People’s Person’. A natural talent for clear communication, adapting to change, in this rapidly changing world, supported with keen organisational skills, incredible motivation and enthusiasm, always articulated through a positive attitude and infectious personality. Decades of working successfully in the same business, for the same company speaks volumes especially around integrity, loyalty and understanding. I have always recognised Di as the consummate professional. A devoted family person who takes pride and genuine interest in all those around her. Held and respected in the highest regard by her colleagues, employers and competitors alike, Di has always personally treated and recognised her many clients as ‘special people’, with a genuine desire to achieve superior ‘Results’ being a hall mark of her ongoing business success. My life has been enriched in many ways in having the privilege of knowing and working with Di over many years now. I wish her ongoing success and happiness. She richly deserves it.

Colin R Dick AREINZ. Dip Bus Studies real estate.

(Owner / Managing Director Pridict Consultancy Ltd)


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Di Austin